Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sprinkle - Android Games

hey..its been a while since my last update on my you guys doing?..hope things doing great..anway recently i've been to android market and install a very interesting, addicting and coolest android games ever.. its called Sprinkle..

This android Games comes with free version and paid version..which in paid version it has 2 type, 1 is Sprinkle and the other one is Sprinkle Junior..this games is about how you going to spalsh the water and save the cute little village from burning out..a very fun games though..

you can try the free version first and i bet you will love planing to get a paid version because its only usd$2.03 this games is worth to buy..below are the screenshot and video review about this games..have fun... :)

Here is the review video of this games..


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